2020 Curriculum Sale

This year has been a doozy hasn’t it? Covid-19 self quarantine, murder hornets, riots; that’s quite a lot and plenty to derail our sale. However God makes a way and He made one by providing us another venue. We’ll be setting up in the parking lot of Grace Bible Church in Olive Branch, June 20th from 9am – 1pm.

You can register to sell your curriculum at ConsignYourBooks.com. Curriculum is sorted by subject and grade for the sake of quick and easy shopping. This comes in handy when the sale is a one day only, four hour sale. You will immediately know if the curriculum you want is available.



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Curriculum Sale 2020

You will be able to use cash or credit/debit cards at this sale, but no checks will be accepted.

Drop off locations will be outdoors as well and you will be required to print and bring your check in documents (Inventory list, by Item #) with you as we will not have access to a printer to print your docs when you get there.

You may enter and edit inventory until June 17th at Midnight. After that all access will be shut down so we can prep the system for the sale.

We will not require that masks be worn to this sale as it is outdoors, but if it makes you feel safer, feel free to wear one. Also if you feel sick or have come in contact with someone who has the coronavirus and cannot send someone to shop for you, please wear a mask. We trust everyone to make their own decision on this issue and we will not question that decision.

We look forward to seeing you at the sale and hope you consign your curriculum with us this year! Prayers for all of our members, consignors, and shoppers!