HS Transcript

There have been several parents asking about transcripts. I am posting a self calculating High School transcript below in excel. All you have to do is type in your information and courses for each year 9-12, the final grade for each course, and the credits earned. If you have had an honors course type Honors: before the course name and the spreadsheet will automatically include the .5 additional GPA credit for an honors course. If you have had a certified AP course and they passed the AP test, type AP: and the course name and enter the final test grade for the AP test. It will automatically add in the addition 1 point GPA for the course. The link is below.

If you have any questions about the file, please contact me at trobinson@nmhea.org.

2 thoughts on “HS Transcript

  1. You
    Hi. My daughter used Accellus online courses to complete 3 classes she needs to be enrolled in public school. However, the superintendent is saying that since it was through power homeschool it wasn’t accredited even tho Accellus is accredited and that is what her courses were all completed with. Is there any help you can give? She desperately wants to go back for her high school years but refused to go back a grade just because they don’t want to accept her homeschool classes. She was a gifted student prior to homeschooling.

    1. Patty,

      I am not sure if this comment has been responded to yet. If so my apologies. If not here is the best response I can give. Gifted students do not meet any education requirements, it just means that your child has a higher than average IQ that does not reflect any knowledge or achievements, just an ability to learn. Unless your child attended the online academy and received an accredited transcript from Accellus then you did not use their accredited system. Their power homeschool version is not accredited. Regardless the public school has the right to test your child into their system.

      Here is the secret though. Your child does not need an accredited education to get into college. The ACT is the great equalizer. She can continue through home schooling, do well academically and prove it by getting a good ACT score. That will get her into any college she wants to attend, if you keep a portfolio of her work. I graduated my own son through homeschool without accreditation and he received enough scholarships to attend college with a full tuition ride. I did not use a program, I selected rigorous and challenging curriculum and sat with him until he was old enough to do the work independently and provided help/instruction as needed. It is about your desire for her to receive her education or pursue her education. Those two are not the same thing. Pursuing an education takes effort and time and sacrifice. Regardless of whether you choose homeschool or a school system/program of some type it can be pursued or it can be received. The choice is yours.

      Tracy Robinson
      NMHEA Director

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