Yes!  We collect boxtops.  We are able to redeem boxtops for our group for various events and opportunities.  So send them in!  There are a few things that have to be done before BoxTops for Education will redeem them for us.  If you’d like to go the extra step and prep them to send in that would be great! we know how busy homeschooling moms are so if you just can’t get to it, bring them in anyway!

  • Check the expiration date.  If it has expired already or will expire before the next meeting, please discard it.
  • Cut the box tops out on the dotted line.
  • Do not cut off the expiration date or anything else inside the dotted line.
Clip boxtops to look like this and check the expiration date.
This boxtop has not been clipped and will be sent back or discarded by the officials.
This boxtop has been clipped too much and will be discarded because the expiration has been cut off.


Place your boxtops in a baggie.  If you would like to go the next step, count out your boxtops into groups of 50 and tape them to a collection page.  For a collection page, click here.

Finally, submit the baggie or pages at the next meeting. For more information about boxtops and other ways to donate to our boxtops account, click here.