Annual Curriculum Sale

Our Annual curriculum sale reformat was a huge success!  Thank you to those who participated!  We couldn’t do this sale without you!

We are making changes to our sale for next year to improve your sales experience and revenue potential!  Here are some of the awesome upgrades for next year.

  • Keep your previous consignor number
  • Add your inventory online
  • Print barcoded tags (This means you can use label paper to put stickers on the curriculum – preferably over the existing barcode.)
  • Scanners at checkout mean more accuracy, faster checkout, and uploaded sales reports you can see online!
  • Extended sale dates (We’ll add a discount day, items to be discounted at your discretion.) Discount % TBD

Get your items together and make a list!  We will add links and provide information Spring 2020 so you can have your best curriculum sale ever!