How to Homeschool

Do you have doubts and fears about being a successful homeschooler? Of course! Even seasoned home schoolers can have these.  What subjects to teach, how to structure the education, how to get organized, what styles of teaching (yes there are styles), which curriculum to buy, all of these questions can be completely overwhelming.  It’s OK. You can do this.  You can homeschool and you don’t have to be an expert, a teacher, or even have a college degree to do it.

The below video from the Mississippi Home Educators Association (Statewide group) of their “How to Homeschool” workshop. Click here to get a copy of the handout for this video.

Click a category below for more information on each of these areas of homeschooling.

What is a learning style and how do I know my child’s?

How do I select curriculum? What other options do I have for instruction?

How much organization do I need?

How do I make lesson plans? Should I make lesson plans?

What about grades? Do I have to grade my child’s work? When is it appropriate to grade?

What records should I keep?

How do I graduate my child?