Learning Styles

A learning style is the way that you take in information and learn most readily. There are three main learning styles outlined below. No one is all one style or another, but typically combinations of all three with one predominant.


Typically this type of learner reads well, likes to write things down, and can basically remember well from simply reading. When paired with color coded note taking, rewriting notes, flashcards, or any other visual form of study, material is well received and retained.


Auditory learning takes place by hearing material. Audio books, music, reading aloud, verbal discussion, are great tools for the auditory learner. Sometimes a child is not a great reader simply because it’s not their strength, they may need auditory material to do well.


This type of learner needs hands on activities to cement what they have learned. Memory card games, puzzles, building and putting together concepts (like dioramas) can make education come alive for them in a way reading and writing does not.

Learning styles can fluctuate with age. Children may start out as kinesthetic and grow better at visual or auditory. Watch your child. See what their tendencies are. This will indicate a direction to plan in. A great place to assess your child’s learning style is How-to-study.com. The assessment is free and has thirty questions with three possible answers. The child picks the one that is most like them. At the end you are given a percentage for each type which will show you their dominant tendency. Do this assessment every few years as you plan for new stages in their education.

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